Colombia Local Events

There are numerous events in Colombia throughout the year. We have listed some of these below, and we think they are a great time to come visit! Even if you can't make it during one of the listed Colombia events, there is sure to be something interesting happening when you do come - just send us an email and we'll be sure to let you know.

Colombia's most busy tourist seasons are linked to religious festivals such as Christmas and the holy week. The country's many public holidays as well as the celebrations centred around Colombia's independence draw lots of tourists.

Festivals and celebrations you should watch for are the Barranquilla's Carnival, Cali's Fair, the Bogotá Summer Festival, the Festival of Flowers, the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival, the Vallenato Legend Festival, the Fiestas del Mar and the Carnival of Blacks and Whites.

Check out our Columbian events guides in our Colombia destination as listed below for current information on the upcoming celebrations, news, festivals and events in Colombia.

- Santa Marta
- Cartagena

Día de las Velitas
Place: Santa Marta  (08 Dec 2018 - 09 Dec 2018 )

The day, or better said night of candles, has a long tradition and it is celebrated in the whole country, and each region has its own special additions.

Guapi Carnival
Place: Guapi  (26 Dec 2018 - 28 Dec 2018 )

Close to Gorgona, the Carnaval Naidi is celebrated at Guapi. It happens from the 26th to the 28th of December. This city is 57 km from the island, which takes about 1h and 45min sailing.

Watch humpback whales
Place: Gorgona  (01 Jun 2019 - 31 Jul 2019 )

Annually, around 1,200 humpback whales are estimated to arrive between June - July in the Pacific Ocean around Isla Gorgona. This is one of the main reasons why tourists visit the Gorgona National Natural Park; it's a spectacular event to behold.

Place: Santa Marta  (07 Aug 2019 - 10 Aug 2019 )

Come to enjoy this great party in Santa Marta!