About Us

Travelling at the hands of local experts…

The most unique part about the whl.travel company is that we have a whl local connection based in every destination we service. We have carefully hand-picked a team of local travel specialists who own and operate the booking sites in Colombia. They have done the leg work in their destinations and forged personal relationships with the accommodation and tour providers; they understand the difference of offering real worthwhile travel experiences to their customers and the “fast food” options available on many other travel sites.

Our local Colombian connections have been sought out because they have a proven reputation with travellers and their local market. We prefer to contract with micro, small and medium sized businesses that really care about their clients; invest in their staff; nurture relationships with their suppliers; and aim for the betterment of their destinations.

Why work with locals…?

Inevitably, travelling has an impact on the local destination and, typically, it will be negative for the local culture, local community, or environment. Travelling sustainably (with locals) is a way to be mindful of one’s actions and have the ability to travel and see the world while making an effort to improve it. Over the last 50 years, technology has rapidly improved to make it much easier for people to travel; it is essential to work with the local communities and ensure that tourism is a sustainable endeavour for them, or the most popular tourist sites will soon lie in ruin.

whl.travel’s innovative form of business contracts with local connections in all the places we operate. By working with locals where you travel, you are contributing to the destination’s future sustainability instead of solely taking its resources. When you purchase from the local Colombian booking portal, this funnels your money back into the Colombian infrastructure and works for a more stable future. After arriving in your select destination, we encourage travellers to step outside the confines of their hotel and engage with the locals; many forget that the best way to learn about a culture is to speak with the people that live it. We invite you to taste the local cuisine and buy from Colombian vendors instead of international brands. As consumers, you have a lot of power and every Colombian Peso, especially in poorer areas, can be a world of change.

Our South American Team…

We have a regional South American office operating in Belo Horizonte, Brasil; which is the capital of the Minas Gerais state. This centralized location takes charge of supporting the current established network of live online destinations and recruiting new local partners to add fresh ideas to the territory.

This office began operations in March of 2008 and has since established a support system and personal relationships with each of the local Latin American partners. We are all working as one to create a group of knowledgeable and passionate local travel connections and to build a unique and reliable resource of tourist information in well-known and off the beaten track locales. The common thread linking us is a mutual concern about sustainability in our homes and we look for accommodations and tour operators that value the creation of a symbiotic relationship with nature and their local communities.

Our focus and investment in the future sets whl.travel apart from other online travel services. We want to provide globetrotters unique experience that will change their lives for the better, as well as the lives of the local people they meet; we aim to nurture a form of tourism that preserves historical, natural, and cultural treasures for our generations to come.

We encourage you to explore the Colombian sites available and check out the great travel experiences we offer. Feel free to chat (live) with the local connections on Skype or shoot them an email before you book if you have any questions. Our local Colombian partners will also be on the ground when you arrive if you would like to meet them in person and they can help you with any other items to make you feel comfortable in their home. We currently have destinations live in Santa Marta and Cartagena