Welcome to Colombia!

Colombia is no longer just a destination for the adventurous and brave. It has emerged from its long battle with civic turmoil as one of the most popular places for travellers in South America. And that's no surprise, as it is packed with pristine mountains, miles of beautiful coastline, the world's most well known jungle - the Amazon rainforest, a rich culture, great value Colombia hotels and spectacular archaeological sites.

The whole Colombian experience is intense - from the passionate locals and intense blue of the oceans to the emerald green of the Amazon and the exuberance and colour of its flora and fauna, some of the most diverse in the world!

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Colombia is synonymous with passion. Colombians live, party and argue passionately. Its 44,000,000 inhabitants are intense and warm hearted. It has soaring skyscrapers, vibrant cities, and elegant port towns with cobbled alleys overlooked by balconies draped in bougainvillea. There are magnificent national parks from the tropical Garden of Eden variety to the sublime alpine. Taking a tour in Colombia to experience this richness and culture is a wonderful and fascinating adventure.

Colombia has so much to see and do and so many places to unwind in - like the Balnearios, or "retreats" in the cities. These retreats have Olympic pools, affordably priced home-cooked food, and even play areas for children, in case you want to bring the kids along. The Balnearios are worlds in themselves - you'll be happy spending your entire day there.

Cartagena, a Spanish colonial port, is a major attraction for travellers. It is a magnificent walled town, a medieval wonderland filled with palaces, plazas, monasteries and romantic overhanging balconies. To Cartagena's south, you'll find the country's most popular seaside resorts with their fine beaches and facilities for scuba diving.

Colombia's river valleys are covered with equatorial rainforests. Here you can feast your senses on magnificent air plants, creepers and vines, brilliantly hued birds and flowers. There is such a wealth of flora and fauna in the Los Katios National Park in Choco that hundreds of animals and plants haven't been listed yet. Even the Colombian jungles are full of hidden treasures of great archaeological significance such as the ancient tombs, burial mounds and monuments of San Augustin and Tierrodentro, and the city of La Cuida Perdida.

You can't be merely a tourist in Colombia. You have to be a traveller who is not satisfied by a superficial experience, but instead, wants to delve deep and really get to know the real Colombia. A Colombia where you can pick up some Spanish, become aware of time afresh and marvel at the contradictions that exist here. The ideal way of doing this is by taking an exciting and interesting local Colombia tour which will help you delve deeper into its rich history and culture and experience the country like a local.

Colombia also offers a great range of places to stay, from cheap guesthouses and hotels in Colombia, to more luxurious offerings. We are a locally based tour company and have personally selected a range of great value Colombia hotels to suit any budget or taste. These have been chosen not only for their good facilities and value, but because of the warm welcome you are sure to receive.

Colombia enjoys all types of weather conditions, despite being a tropical country. From the chilly capital city of Bogota, 2600 metres above sea level to the warm valley of the Magdalena River just 150 km away, Colombia is full of surprises. The country's varied geography and colonial history contributes to its cultural richness. You can also take a look at our map of Colombia and choose your hotel in Colombia based on its location.

In South America and the Andes, Colombia is the only country that has ports and a long coastline along two oceans - the Atlantic and the Pacific. The country extends across the Andes and over both sides of the equator, its topography ranging from coastal lowlands to snow-covered mountains that rise to almost 19,000 feet. You can find all kinds of landscapes and climate conditions here, as well as an assortment of peoples, settlements and trades.

Brazil and Venezuela border Colombia in the east, Peru and Ecuador in the south, and Panama in the northwest. Many islands belong to Colombia off its Pacific coast, such as the Malpelo. The country lays claim to numerous small islands, islets, coral reefs and sandbanks in the Caribbean Sea like the San Andres, Serrana, Providencia, Serranilla and Roncador.

Colombia's southern Pacific coastline has low rugged mountains and marshy lowlands along its length. The trench of the coastal lowlands in the southwest extends from the Buenaventura Port to the Caribbean. To the east of this trench rise the Western Cordillera Mountains. From Equador, these mountains, along with the Central Cordillera range, extend northwards to the Caribbean lowlands. As we go further north, there's the lush Cauca Valley, a deep gorge between the Cordilleras and the Caribbean lowlands.

The longest mountain range is the Eastern Cordillera, which lies to the north of the Ecuadorean border. The range runs northwards before meandering northeast to Venezuela. More than half the country's area is comprised of grassy prairies in the east, as well as the rainforests of the Amazon basin. Colombia considers the small islands of Providencia and San Andrés that lie 700 km (430 miles) north of the coast as its own.

The Pico Simón Bolívar and the Pico Cristobal Colón are the highest mountains in the country (total height: 5,775 metres or 8,946 feet). Both mountains, just 45 km from the coast, are located in the central Cordilleras. The Rio Magdalena (1500 km or 932 miles in length) is Colombia's longest river.

Colombia is a jewel waiting to be discovered by travellers, and wants to be seen not as a place of conflict, but one of great beauty, passion and treasures yet to be unearthed. The great beauty of Colombia has always mitigated the hardships of its people and made them happy. So come here with an open heart and mind, and you are sure to return. Choose from our wide range of Colombia hotels and tours in Colombia and experience all that Colombia has to offer!